How to Make Contact with a Vendor

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    Once you’ve identified some possible bulk buying suppliers using one of the methods, you’ll need to develop a strategic communication plan to locate the best ones.
    Here’s what you need to do:
    Write them an email or phone them immediately away: The first step is to send them an email or call them right away. The goal here is to limit them down so that only the most promising ones remain.
    After you’ve narrowed down your list of suppliers, conduct a WeChat or Skype discussion with the ones that appear to be the most promising.
    Visit them directly: If you want to take your search for reliable suppliers to the next level, you may hop on a plane and see them in person to build a solid business connection. If you meet them at a trade event, this is much better. A direct visit allows you to inspect their items and assess their quality, as well as get to know them personally and demonstrate that you are serious about purchasing from them.

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